New Trailermaster Portal

Using the latest technology we have created a new web application that makes managing large fleets of trailers a breeze. All features are available straight from your computer web browser, via a tablet or even a smartphone. The portal is fully responsive and will automatically adapt to make sure you can always get the information you need when you need it.

 Your Entire Fleet In One Place

Fleet List
  • See each of your trailers on a single line with a clear colour-coded indication of its status.
  • The screen always has the latest information as updates from your trailers are seamlessly pushed to your browser without you needing to click refresh.
  • Powerful search facilities help you quickly narrow down to just the trailers meeting your criteria.
  • An innovative trailer "cart" lets you keep the trailers you are most interested in close at hand wherever you are in the portal.

 See Detailed Information Clearly Presented

  • Drill down to view all the information for an individual trailer.
  • See where the trailer is now and where it has been using the Trips Panel.
  • Quickly identify areas areas and times of day where a trailer is being under-utilised.
  • See up-to-date status for all the key systems on your trailers.


Take Control By Getting Ahead Of Problems Instead Of Reacting To Them

Other systems are unable to determine trailer load or identify problems with a trailer's EBS valve since they can only communicate with the valve when the trailer is coupled to a unit which is supplying power. TrailerMaster's patented technology means that TrailerMaster is unique in being able to power up the EBS valve automatically from its own very high capacity battery and check the status autonomously for months without any external power.

Unlike make other systems, TrailerMaster continues to monitor Tyre Pressures even when uncoupled, so you can arrange to have a leaking tyre repaired in advance rather than finding out about it once the trailer is fully loaded and the driver is ready to depart.

See And Clear EBS Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) Remotely

  • TrailerMaster will tell you the problems your EBS valve is reporting along with detailed explanations and manufacturer recommendations to resolve the problem.
  • Save on engineer callouts for non-critical issues.
  • Remotely clear DTCs (Knorr-Bremse only) with a single click directly from the web portal.

Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System

  • Know which brakes are starting to degenerate.
  • Easily see the trailers that have failing brakes
  • Produce downloadable reports acceptable for compliance purposes

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

  • Know which trailers need tyre attention before visiting them
  • Be ready to deal with tyre problems when trailers arrive

Cut Out The Noise With Trailer State Monitoring (TSM)

TSM allows you to simply create powerful rules to instruct the system to tell you only about the things that matter.

  • Create rules to spot changes to the status of your trailers' critical systems such as the braking performance becoming critically low, or a tyre has deflated.
  • Add geofence rules to trigger when a trailer arrives or departs a point of interest.
  • Combine rule conditions so that the information is reported ONLY when you are in a position to do something about it e.g. if a trailer arrives at a depot with a flat tyre.
  • Choose to send an e-mail or SMS to one or more of your users when a TSM rule is triggered.
  • Choose what information to include or even design your own templates right from within the web portal.
  • Specify trailers by groups so there is no need to go and change rules when your fleet changes. Any new trailers will automatically start to be monitored by TSM.

This just a sample of what TrailerMaster can do to help you manage your fleet more safely and efficiently to save you both time and money. Please contact us for a full demonstration.