Junction Box

  • The sensible choice when a conservative adoption of trailer telematics is required.
  • Cost-effective approach for new trailer, replacing the lighting junction box.
  • Provides a mechanical and electrical interface for the ‘TrailerMaster Connect’.
  • Integrated flashing side marker circuit to comply with new side marker lighting regulations (UNECE Reg 48-06, rev 12).
  • Provides connectivity which allows the distribution of the auxiliary power supply, stop lamp backup and CANbus from the trailer’s Electronic Braking System (EBS). Additionally, connectivity for other auxiliary devices is provided.
  • Telematics can be installed in minutes using just 4 screws!
  • Finally, an RS232 connection is available so that when paired with the ‘TrailerMaster Connect’, data can be collected from a refrigeration unit or other RS232-enabled equipment.