Hardware Summary

Services AvailableJunction BoxFunction BoxJunction Box & ConnectFunction Box & Connect
ISO1185, ISO3731 or IS012098 Circuit Distribution (lights etc)
ISO1185, ISO3731 or ISO12098 Circuit Monitoring (lights etc)      
Flashing Side Marker Circuit Built In
Easy Docking1    
Battery Backup Easy Docking1 2      
Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring    
EBS Diagnostic Trouble Codes    
Remote Clearing of DTCs3    
EBS Odometer    
Axle Load (coupled and uncoupled)    
EBS Fault Lamp Status    
Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)4    
Coupling Status Monitoring5    
Auxiliary Battery Status (eg. Lifting Deck Batteries)    
Remote Lifting Deck Monitoring      
Towing vehicle identification6    
Driver Authentication/ID      
High Performance Concurrent GLONASS/GPS positioning    
Active Geo-Fencing    
TrailerMaster Smartphone App via Bluetooth    
Over the air software updates    
Data connection to refrigeration unit    
Trailer Status Indication Lamp      
Remote Control of Switched Outputs      
Analogue Sensor Monitoring (eg. Temperature)      
Digital Sensor Monitoring (eg. Tail Lift, Door)      
1-Wire Sensor Monitoring (eg. Temperature, ID)      
Wireless Sensor Monitoring (eg. Temperature, ID Tag)    

• = standard, ◦ = optional

  1. Requires at least two Easy Dock sensors.
  2. Requires 40Ah battery.
  3. Only available on supported valves.
  4. Requires TPMS sensors.
  5. Via External EBS power detection.
  6. Standard feature if supported by the towing vehicle and trailer EBS. Can be achieved regardless of towing vehicle but requires additional equipment intalled in the towing vehicle.