TrailerMaster Connect

The TrailerMaster Connect unit is installed simply (onto a TrailerMaster Junction Box or TrailerMaster Function Box) with four cap screws. TrailerMaster removes complex and often unreliable wiring.

This elegant installation solution will allow you to respond quickly and easily to operational challenges. It will assist you, in maintaining delivery of ‘best in class transport solutions’, without necessarily having to invest in telematics equipment for the entire trailer fleet.

TrailerMaster Connect, employs the latest GNSS receiver technology, concurrent GPS and GLONASS positioning offers reliable geo-location of trailers.

Axscend, has developed lighting faults in response to specific guidelines introduced by DVSA in 2014. EBPMS reduces the burden associated with frequent Roller Brake Testing. Our system has been validated by Dr. Colin Ross, a well-known commercial vehicle braking expert.

In conjunction with the TrailerMaster Function Box, TrailerMaster Connect will report lighting faults, reducing downtime and protect an operator against roadside prohibitions.

TrailerMaster Connect also features a 433 Mhz radio transceiver, this technology allows us to monitor sensors that use this frequency. We have already used this feature to provide Tyre Pressure Monitoring for a major UK transport operator.

Bluetooth is also embedded in the TrailerMaster Connect, this will open up more features with the development of smartphone apps, in the first instance this technology will replace the need to fit Info Centre type devices, reducing the initial trailer cost.